SART Program

Elwha Sexual Assault Response Team

Pediatric (18 and under) sexual assault exams available. Please contact us at:

Lower Elwha Health Department

8:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.

360-452-6252 ext 1

After-hours number for forensic sexual assault exam


Exam Location

Monday-Friday (8:00am -6:00pm)

Lower Elwha Health Clinic

243511 Highway 101 W

Port Angeles, WA 98363

Mobile Unit for Exams

Monday-Friday (6:00 pm to 8:00am)

Location to be determined, as to where the call is originating from.

Referral Phone Numbers

Monday-Friday (8:00am-6:00pm)

360-452-6252  Ext: 1

SART Coordinator

Contact Information

Iliana Jones


Advocate is available seven days a week, twenty- four hours a day for Youth 18 and under.

Get free, confidential support whenever you’re ready.

Whether you have experienced sexual assault yourself or want to know more about how to help your child, a friend or someone else, we’re here 24/7 with support and information to empower you to take your next steps.

We provide support and service to youth (18 and under) in the LEKT Tribal Community, Clallam County and surrounding Tribal Communities. SART can provide pediatric forensic exams, advocacy, support and referrals to youth and families of assistance.

SART Team Members: January Austin ND, Lillian Easton ARNP, Melissa Ellis RN, and Iliana Jones.

After-hours number for forensic sexual assault exam



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Forensic Exams for youth 18 and under in a local setting.

Trained Healthcare Providers/SANE-P

Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe’s Goal

Offer the best practice medical forensic examination without adding more trauma for the young people that are affected.

What is SART?

SART is a multidisciplinary, interagency, sexual assault intervention model. It is a victim centered team approach to implementing a comprehensive, sensitive, coordinated system of intervention and care for sexual assault victims.


The mission of the Lower Elwha SART is to consistently contribute to our tribal community’s reputation as a safe place to live, work, play, learn and visit.

We are here to help support and offer strength to victims of sexual assault.

We will strive to build trust with, listen to, and advocate for victims.

We will encourage collaboration and communication amongst agencies working together to assist in navigating an individualized path to justice and healing.

Victim Centered

The systematic focus on the needs and concerns of a sexual assault victim to ensure the compassionate and sensitive delivery of services in a nonjudgmental manner.

Your SART is here for YOU. We work in conjunction with other advocacy programs in our service area. Weare tribal-oriented but serve all of Clallam County. If you are in need of services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Meet our SART Coordinator

Iliana Jones began working for LEKT in April of 2021 and started her new position as the Tribes Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Coordinator on April 16, 2024. The SART Program is located at the Lower Elwha Health Clinic. The SART Program provides Client centered care. We see pediatric sexual assault victims from the age of 18 and under. We do forensic exams and medical exams at the lower Elwha Heath clinic and our mobile unit. We provide advocacy, prevention, outreach and legal advocacy. These services are for everyone in Clallam County and Local tribes.

Iliana has twenty (20) years of advocacy working with diverse populations and is bilingual, Spanish and English. She’s began her employment with LEKT in the Healthy Transitions Program, providing advocacy to youth and young adults (16–24-year-olds) who were in need of mental health services and life skills. During her employment with LEKT she has also provided support and emergency coverage to the Lower Elwha Family Advocacy Program, as a DV/SA Advocate. Prior to working for LEKT Iliana worked for Healthy Families of Clallam County for 6 years, as a Lead Advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. She’s been living in the Port Angeles Community for going on 10 years with her two daughters.

She enjoys spending time with her daughters and friends and going to Zumba at the YMCA. On her free time, she likes to forest bathe and garden. She loves to forage for mushrooms. Here new passion is learning about plants.

Iliana is excited to help expand the SART Program and grow as part of a vital team to support the community. As the Project Coordinator for Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Iliana will be responsible for planning, implementing, and overseeing many aspects of the SART Program. She will work collaboratively with various Tribal and Community Partners to support the needs of youth and families in need of SART services. A vital objective will be developing and implementing inclusive community awareness and prevention.

Community Partners

Clallam County Sheriff’s Office

Department of Children, Youth and their Families

Elwha Health Clinic

Elwha Higher Education

Elwha House of Learning

Elwha Mental Health

Elwha Social Services

Elwha Police Department

Forks Community Hospital

Healthy Families

Jamestown Health Clinic

Jamestown ICW

Juvenile and Family Services

Klallam Counseling Services

Makah Nation

Mariposa House

Port Angeles, Police Department

Quileute Health Clinic

Sequim Police Department

Women’s Spirit Coalition