Jory Kahn, LMHCA

A natural empath, Jory’s approach to psychotherapy and counseling is an outgrowth of being raised in an artistic home combined with early interests in music, philosophy, and appreciation for nature. He also comes from a family profoundly affected by the Holocaust, and is intimately aware of the effects of intergenerational trauma on a person’s sense of self and possibility. He discovered that respect for family and the valuing of community are important puzzle pieces for the resolution of existential crises that can separate persons from their goodness, their aspirations, and their love of life.

A potent resonance with the depth approach of psychotherapy pioneer Carl Jung informs his approach to working with clients. Depth psychology holds that there is much we do not know about ourselves and so we are never conscious of all that we are. A valuing of the unconscious in dreams, imagery, story making, as well as a willingness to be relationally spontaneous and open to the present moment can support clients’ positive growth and development. The gradual taking of emotional risks in the safe haven of a trusting therapeutic relationship is another key to improving one’s relationships with self and others. And progress in the understanding of trauma has shown that emotions are embodied, and an awareness of body sensations, postural habits, and movement patterns can shed light on emotional states. Mind and body are inseparable even if conceptually they are distinguishable.

Jory is a licensed mental health counselor associate. He holds a master’s in counseling psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family counseling, professional clinical counseling, and depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from UCLA, and completed a four year practitioner training in the Feldenkrais method of movement education. In his free time Jory enjoys sea kayaking, playing music, the arts, and the outdoors.